Rare Candy


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1000 Rare candy + 100 Charizard + 5000 Mega Energy: 24 -48 Hours


How it works:

  1. After making a purchase, you need to provide your friend code and referral to me.
  2. I will send you 50 – 100 friend requests ( Depending on your order size. Make sure you have at least 100 slots available in your friend list to accommodate the new friends. )
  3. Accept all the friend requests that I send to you.
  4. You will receive 50 – 100 notifications. Click on each notification to claim all the stardust.
  5. Once I finish sending the friend requests, I will notify you via discord message.
  6. Wait until you have received 50 – 100 milestone (Depending on your order size. ) notifications in total.
  7. Finally, go to your friend list and claim the reward.

Please let me know if you need any further clarification message me on discord @phpman88

Additional information

Rare Candy

100, 500, 1000