The Works – 10 Mil XP & 1 Mil Stardust


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Unlock Your Full Potential as a Pokémon Trainer with Our Comprehensive Boosting Service!

With our service, you’ll not only level up your account faster, but also earn stardust, an abundance of candies, and even the possibility of encountering shiny and hundo Pokémon! It’s an all-encompassing boost that will leave you well-equipped for your Pokémon adventures.


What do you get?

About 10 Mil XP +1 Mil Stardust.

+ Candies

+ Shiny & Hundo Hunting

+ We’ll fill your bag!

What do I need to do?

+Make sure your account is fully cooled down.

+ Make sure you have at least 150-200 spots in your bag.

+ Have at least 50 spots in your Pokémon storage.

+ Message us a screenshot of items in your bag, be sure to mention any items you do NOT want touched.



How long does it take?

Please allow 15-24 Hours.

Additional information